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Tantric Massage: A Guide to Lingam Massage and Prostate Massage

Updated on 26 January 2024

Integrating Lingam Massage and Prostate Massage

tantra massage koh phangan

Lingam is the expression of the sacred masculine energies in our physical body. Worshipping the lingam is worshipping the divine masculine, and this tradition exists in many ancient cultures throughout the globe. A lingam massage is thus a worshipping ritual to honor the physical incarnation of the divine masculine in the male body.

When you are giving or receiving a lingam massage, both of you are entering a divine temple space. As a culmination towards the end of a tantric massage, it leads you and your lover to discover together a new level of pleasure and sensuality and enhances the intimacy between you. A true Tantric Lingam massage is not just a fancy "handjob".

On the other hand, prostate massage may feel like a rather uncharted territory for a lot of men. But actually, if it is done properly and integrated as part of a sacred tantric massage, it can open up deeper intimacy between lovers. Regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation, a prostate massage is like a jewel within a secret treasure chamber.

Lingam massage and prostate massage can best be integrated as part of a tantric massage towards the end of the process. This guide delves into the more specific technical details, building upon a more generic tantric full-body massage. So, make sure you check out the Intimate Guide on Tantric massage, as well as the Advanced Guide on Tantric Massage beforehand.

Now you are ready! After a full-body massage, we zoom in further into the pelvis.

Massaging Lingam: Unlocking the Secrets

Pelvis Massage and Pubis Massage

Warm up the whole area with soft strokes, firm kneading, light brushing, etc. Make sure to include the inner thighs and the groin, and even dive under the buttocks or slide outside the hips. Approach the pubis and the pelvis from any direction. Give caresses and tenderness generously. It can also deepen the relaxation that encourages blood flow for a better erection. Do not go straight to "business." Take it slow. Make it playful. If the lingam massage is music, this is the prelude. It is an art of divine play.

Sacred Tantric ceremony

Take your time. You are connecting to the divine masculine spirit in physical form. Cover the lingam with both hands. Close your eyes and sense the warmth, the contour, and the texture of the lingam. Alternatively, contemplate the lingam with new eyes. Notice the details, such as the color, the veins, the folds of the skin, etc. As if it were the first time you saw it, perhaps you would realize that this would be really the first time you truly saw the lingam in its full light. You are worshipping the essence of vitality embodied in your lover. When receiving, bathe in the light of adoration in the loving gaze of your lover. Let the sensations and feelings wash over you.

Pan-Lingam Anatomy

Tenderly warm the whole area by gently massaging all the areas around the lingam. Starting from underneath the scrotum and the penis, gradually move around the perineum and the ring area immediately outside the anus. Softly rub all the skins of the scrotum too. You may also lovingly cover the testicles between your hands. The scrotum is very sensitive; give it all the attention it deserves in its own right.

Dance with the Shiva Lingam

Find the root of the shaft and start from there. Kneading your way up the shaft, teasing the frenulum, circling underneath the glans, cupping the crown, pulling, twisting, squeezing, pulsing, etc. You may start off with softness and gentleness, and then allow your touch to ascend gradually to different levels of force and pressure. Like dancing, the techniques and steps are endless, but the real dance is somewhere beyond. And you will meet your lover there. 

Separating Orgasm and Ejaculation

This is the top secret of Lingam massage. Both the giver and receiver of the lingam massage needs to be fully tuned into the lingam's state of erection. Allow the arousal to build up, but before climaxing, you need to slow down or even pause completely. Then, focus on making slow and long breathing together. Allow the sexual energy to circulate back into the body. This preserves the receiver's sexual energy. It is not only revitalising , it is also the key towards full-body orgasm in a male body. Afterwards, you may choose to continue to create and ride more waves. And, just like in the ocean, there can be endless waves of pleasure, without needing to reach the shore of ejaculation.

Closing Tantric Mudras (Gestures)

Cover the whole lingam and scrotum with both hands. Or cover just the lingam with one hand while putting the other hand on either your heart or his heart. Close your eyes and connect again to the pulsing of the lingam. You may even imagine your beloved enveloped in divine light, and let your divine bow to the divine in him.

Massaging Prostate: Diving into the Deep End

Tuning in to the heart

Before you start, meditate together with your lover. Close your eyes and feel in your heart if this is something you desire to give or receive comfortably right now. Take your time. Without pressure either way. When the answer within you is clear, communicate honestly with your partner. So, you make a decision together about whether to proceed or not. Also, constantly check in with each other during the process in order to ensure that this is a loving experience for both of you all along.

Hygiene and peace of mind

When giving, always wear gloves for hygiene reasons. When receiving, go to the bathroom to clear your bowels and your bladder before starting. This would allow you to fully relax, tune into all the sensations, and avoid confusing them with the urge to pee or poop. Use an abundance of lubricant to smooth the way in.

Verbal communication

Be very open with your lover when communicating what is truly happening in the process. You shall decide together, moment by moment, whether to continue and at what pace. Maybe there is something else you can do to relax a bit more before proceeding, such as more relaxation? Or a kiss on the butt cheek? Or maybe a soft stroke along the hips? Or maybe today is not the day? On the other hand, let your partner know if you are at ease or even receiving pleasure, by words or by sound, for example. 

Trust and care

Trust is built on care, listening, and honest communication. Always start with a lot of stillness and slowness. Use lubricant lavishly. Moving your finger (for the giver) or your attention (for the receiver) along the inner space of the rectum, sensing its warmth, relative elasticity, or tightness. Patiently waiting for space that is being created and welcoming without any haste the passageway that is opening up. You may reach a state of non-resistance or even an avid invitation. Or you may meet with hesitation or resistance. 

Sensitivity from the heart

The anus is like a flower. The prostate is the pistil, the tender heart. So be fully present and aware at all times, and allow yourself to move to the sensation that is arising. Wear your heart in your hands when giving. Tantric prostate massage is a meeting of tenderness. Such loving touch is already healing in nature. If you are receiving a prostate massage, also take it all up to your heart. Explore your new sensitivity and sense of fulfillment. There is no goal to reach or achieve. There is nothing to perform. Just savor the process.


If you would like to experience tantric massage, lingam massage, and prostate massage with professional care, or if you would like to have professional guidance in how to do it, contact me now.

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