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Blog on Tantric Healing

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Tantric Healing Therapy
lingam massage

Lingam Massage -
what you should know?

Tantric Lingam-Prostate can bring mind-blowing pleasure, activates orgasmic energies, even bring full-body and / or multiple orgasms. Tantric lingam massage aims to evoke and help you re-direct your sexual energy throughout the body for healing purposes.


Yoni massage - healing with love

Tantric yoni massage supports us to free ourselves from the limitations imposed on us due to past traumas. It supports us to step into our power. The power of love, of loving ourselves.

tantra healing trauma

Tantric Healing for Trauma

Trauma is not only about the immediate pain and impact we endured, but also the consequences left behind in our bodies. These scars or contractions left wtihin us are not only physical, but also emotional and energetic, and exist in our psyche. They are limiting, or even debilitating.  

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