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tantric massage hong kong

Tantra Healing Bodywork

Tantra Healing
Embracing everything
Holding on to Nothing

An integrative bodywork process
Embodied presence 
Touch and Consciousness

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Tantra for Men

My tantric bodywork sessions support men to connect more deeply with their body, expanding sexuality & sensuality. It involves your whole body,  including the pelvic area, and the Lingam / prostate. 
This process can also support you with a range of sex and intimacy issues, including ED / PE / performance anxiety, addictions, healing from past traumas, and prostate health.

Tantra for Women

My tantric bodywork sessions for women are a full-body process, in a safe space where you will be supported to connect more deeply to your feminine essence. You will discover new levels to your sensuality, sexuality, and your capacity for intimacy, love, pleasure and bliss. Sessions also support the release of emotional and energetic blocks in the body caused by past trauma, abuse, or stress.

Tantra for Couples

My tantra classes for couples teach you how to deepen the connection and intimacy in your relationship. You will learn together about relaxation, mutual care through presence and touch, including how to give Lingam and Yoni Massage.  Come and explore new ways of loving and being loved with your partner, bringing new energy and inspiration into your partnership, all in the comfort of a private class.

Tantric bodywork: 4 to 6 hours per session, between USD 200 to 500.
Tantra classes for couples: 3 hours per session, USD 200 to 350.
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healing with tantra

Healing with

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Mani's professional bodywork / relevant trainings: Tantric Journey Educator, Pelvic Floor Therapeutic Massage; Karsai / Chi Nei Tsang (genitals / abdominal massage); Integrated Craniosacral Biodynamics Therapy; Osteothai Transformation through Touch; Embodied Trauma Healing; Trauma Informed Care; Traditional & Dynamic thai massage; Integral Anatomy; consent & boundaries management.

Growing up with Taoism, my path has led me to Tantra, meditation, dance & movement meditation, yoga, Body-Mind Centering, open awareness energy release, and inner-outer energetic realignement (Yo soy path).

I have been sharing my experience in private and group settings since 2016.

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S. from the United States

Reflecting on the past weeks, your healing session was one of the hardest, yet the most positive, part of my time here (on Koh Phangan). I have been able to work through so much guilt and shame and really have a new perspective of peace within myself. Thank you again for the session. You do amazing work!
September 2022

K.K. from Germany

"The time with Man Yee was simply beautiful. It was the perfect mix between healing, relaxing and energetic awakening. I felt so safe and comfortable throughout the whole process {abbrv.} I am very grateful to have been able to enjoy this massage and would recommend it to anyone who is ready for a deep connection with the body and mind. Thank you Man Yee for guiding me.

June 2022, Koh Phangan

Atmo (Ireland)

Man Yee is a very confident and calm practitioner and therapist and also has a very warm, welcoming and encouraging manner which put me very much at ease. As an experienced ayurvedic massage therapist myself, I can highly recommend her competence and professionalism, and yet she also knows when and how to make it less « serious » and more light-hearted when appropriate. Thank You Man Yee.
April 2019

tantra healing bodywork blog

Selected articles based on my practical experience.

Read more about tantra healing bodywork, and how it helps.

lingam massage

Lingam Massage -
what you should know?

Tantric Lingam-Prostate can bring mind-blowing pleasure, activates orgasmic energies, even bring full-body and / or multiple orgasms. Tantric lingam massage aims to evoke and help you re-direct your sexual energy throughout the body for healing purposes.


Yoni massage - healing with love

Tantric yoni massage supports us to free ourselves from the limitations imposed on us due to past traumas. It supports us to step into our power. The power of love, of loving ourselves.

tantra healing trauma

Tantric Healing for Trauma

Trauma is not only about the immediate pain and impact we endured, but also the consequences left behind in our bodies. These scars or contractions left wtihin us are not only physical, but also emotional and energetic, and exist in our psyche. They are limiting, or even debilitating.  



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